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Can't ping through a 2950

I have a 2950 connected via GBIC to a 3550. which, in turn, is connected to a port on an older 4224.

I have 19 hosts connected to the 2950.

I have 6 hosts connected to the 4224 in two VLANS (vlan1 & vlan3)

The 3550 & 2950 are part of VLAN 3.

From the 2950, I can ping any and all switches and hosts connected.

From the hosts connected to the 2950, I can't ping beyond the 2950.

From the 3550, the 4224, or the hosts on the 4224, I can ping the 2950, but none of the hosts connected to it.

VLAN 3 is a /16 subnet, with the IP address of the vlan in the 4224 as the default gateway for all nodes on that vlan.

I'm sure there's something basic and/or obvious I'm overlooking here, but can't seem to discover what it is . . .

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Re: Can't ping through a 2950


from what you are saying, it sounds like the 2950 is the problem (provided the hosts connected to the 2950 have the correct default gateway and subnet mask, you might want to check that to be sure). Can you post the config of the 2950 ? Also, you might want to check if VLAN 3 exists in the VLAN database of the 2950. Do you have the 2950 configured as a VTP client for your VTP domain ?



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Re: Can't ping through a 2950

In addition to GP above. There might be a problem on the link between 2950 and 3550. Possibly vlan 3 is not being passed across trunk link depending on how you created vlan 3.

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