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CCNA Lab Topology

Hi guys,

can anybody advise me on a basic home lab topology: i have 2 routers, 2501-2503 one pc. Also the cables i will need and how they link up. ::trancever:: ::console cable:: ::serial cables:: etc...

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Re: CCNA Lab Topology

In my opinion thats enough for CCNA. It would be nice to have 2 switches to play with VTP, but the problem with the 2500 series routers is that they cannot do any trunking encapsulation so you can't set up any usable vlans with them.

But the two routers you have you can make dhcp servers, access-lists, all the routing protocols, and system administration you'll be quizzed on in ccna. It's a really cheap and excellent buy.

But yes I know your frustration with cables. You'll need a tranciever for any AUI ports so you can connect to ethernet cables. They are hard to find and go for $5-$20 on ebay (search for AUI). You'll also need a 60 pin serial cable DCE-DTE to interface between your serial ports on your routers, these are cisco proprietary and won't be found in any story like best buy either. Expect to pay $10 for one. Also you need a console cable (RJ45-DB9) to connect your PC to the console port of your routers for access.


Re: CCNA Lab Topology

I would also recommend a pair of switches as well. If you can I would pick up (2) 2950s. If those are two pricey go with 2912XLs. They are excellent switches for the CCNA exam.

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Re: CCNA Lab Topology

Thanks for the advice - very helpfull.

So maybe in a few weeks i might decide to upgrade my equipment so i can complete all the CCNA commands and configurations needed for the 640-802 exam (trunking encapsulation vlans, included).

What routers/switch would you recommend?

Thanks Sam...

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Re: CCNA Lab Topology

There's like 1 or two questions about trunking encapsulation with routers on the test. Like I said you can get by without it.

But to successfully set trunking encapsulation, you need a Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet port, 10Mb/s is never going to let you. So I think the next cheapest router is the 2600 series, (2610, 2611 etc) they can do it.

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