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cisco 3750G stacking

We have 3 Nos of cisco 3750G cisco switches.

2nos are 48 port and 1No. of 24 port.

Now we are planning to stack all three switches using stackwise technology.

We will configure different vlan’s on the switches for users/server/router segments.

Also we want access-list level filtering between different segments.

Also we want to have redundancy of the servers in case any of the switches (in stack) fail

Can the redundancy of servers be achieved across switches in stack (Using STP or Etherchannel at switch end and teaming feature at server end)

Pls suggest with configuration (Vlan, Interface, access-list).




Re: cisco 3750G stacking


AFAIK stacking is basically used to view the swiches as a single entity instead of seperate ones .

And more about that i would suggest to check this link out..

Also about the support for ACL configs and other advance features you need to have the required IOS code installed on the same to support it..


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Re: cisco 3750G stacking


Basically using StackWise all your three switches will become a single entity for management purposes - it also gives you a 32gb backplane 'loop' that is redundant so you don't need to run STP between the switches - they don't use any front panel ports to link them together.

A switch stack also allows you to do FEC between multiple switches - so you could use a simple fault tolerant setup where one adapter is standby until the other fails, or you could set up FEC between the server and two switches in the stack.

One thing to note is that you can't use PAgP or LACP to create the FEC....

YOu need to use 'channel-group x mode on' on the ports to create the FEC.

There are two versions of software for the 3750s, enhanced and standard (aka services and base). The major difference is that services runs dynamic routing protocols (i.e. OSPF/EIGRP) wherease base only runs RIP and static routes.

Either will have the ability to route between VLANs and have access lists on.


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