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Cisco 831

To begin with, I am very green with Cisco as you will se by reading this post. I have a Cisco 831 router. I have DSL service through Bellsouth. My current router (a Linksys that I am needing to use elsewher) is connected to my DSL modem. The router currently establishes the connection by providing the Username/Password. The modem passes a DHCP address to the router for the external address. I have the internal address setup as a static address and it provides DHCP addresses to the clients. I would like to put the Cisco 831 in place of the Linksys router. I would like it to perform the same functions, as listed below:

1.) Pass USERNAME/Password for my DSL service.

2.) Obtain DHCP external address from DSL modem (plugged into the WAN port of the router) for the external adress.

3.) Set static IP address / Subnet mask / Default Gateway for the interal address.

4.) Provide DHCP address to internal clients. This will be temporary as I will eventually have a DHCP server in the near future. So, first, how do in enable this function initially? Then, how do I disable it in the near future? Not sure if this is possible. If not, I can implement DHCP with a server immediately with no problem.

This is essentially what my current router does. I will add additional functionality as needed. Now, will I need to provide any additional items to provide for internal routing, as well as external routing (internet browsing, etc)? I really do appreciate any and all help.

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Re: Cisco 831

Yes you can do all of the above.

I am posting links for configuration help.


DSL Connection information

To set a static adress internally you will need to configure the sepcific interface with

ip address x.x.x.x (or whatever mask you want)

I can send you a sample config if that would help.


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Re: Cisco 831

Thank you very much. I would love for you to email a sample. Again, thanks.

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Re: Cisco 831

What address would you like that sent to.

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Re: Cisco 831

Thank. If you could, send it to

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