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Configuring protected ports

When I need to change protected mode in true after switchport I don't see syntax of this command ? 



Switch(config-if)#switchport ?
  access         Set access mode characteristics of the interface
  mode           Set trunking mode of the interface
  native         Set trunking native characteristics when interface is in
                 trunking mode
  nonegotiate    Device will not engage in negotiation protocol on this
  port-security   Security related command
  priority       Set appliance 802.1p priority
  trunk          Set trunking characteristics of the interface
  voice          Voice appliance attributes


Hi gogomilky, What is the

Hi gogomilky,


What is the output of show ver on this switch, I think it may be the IOS version that is the problem, not your command.


Best wishes





New Member

As mentioned by Luckymike33,

As mentioned by Luckymike33, it would be helpful to know which IOS version your switch is running.

New Member

Hi gogo, Pl let us know

Hi gogo,


Pl let us know switch  model and IOS version.



New Member

details of ROM IOS: ROM:

details of ROM IOS: 

ROM: C2960 Boot Loader (C2960-HBOOT-M) Version 12.2(25r)FX, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc4)


Switch   Ports  Model              SW Version              SW Image
------   -----  -----              ----------              ----------
*    1   26     WS-C2960-24TT      12.2                    C2960-LANBASE-M




New Member

Gogomilky,Allow me to correct


Allow me to correct you. That's not the IOS version.

When you do a "show version", look for the line where it says: "System image file is "flash:/...."

New Member

Wass, You are wrong, SW IOS


You are wrong, SW IOS version is 12.2 and *.bin extension is only file which hold IOS. The full name of flash is: flash:/c2960-lanbase-mz.122-25.FX.bin

From full path of bin file how can you conclude on which the version of IOS works ???

hi,i don't think it's


i don't think it's supported on the 2960. although it says 12.2(25)FX and later supports PVLAN edge but i believe that might be an inconsistency on some cisco docs.

i also don't see it on cisco's feature navigator ( if you click on 'Private VLAN - Edge' it shows you 1800 platform (not sure why). see attached.

still can't do copy/paste thing using the new CSC format. not sure why they've removed it.

New Member

Gogomilky,Maybe I was wrong


Maybe I was wrong as you said :) But what I know is, in order to show the IOS version being used, a quick way is to do a "show version" and look for the full name of the IOS

To support my answer, check this link

New Member

Also I had PT 6.0 and pipe "|

Also I had PT 6.0 and pipe "|" don't function on either IOS version 12.XXXX and 15.XXXXXX (Version 15.1(4)M5)

Why ? 

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