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Connecting an ASA to a Comcast GW

So I am setting up an ASA on my home network so that I can practice with it.

I have been pondering the strategy on doing this as all my devices on my home network are wireless. Is there a way to have the comcast GW forward all traffic to the firewall, have the firewall process the traffic, pass it back to the GW and disseminate the filtered traffic wirelessly back to the devices on my network?

Any articles or anecdotes of personal experience would greatly help!

My home network is using a /24


Re: Connecting an ASA to a Comcast GW

The short answer is "no".

If you really want to do this you would
1-go buy a wap
2-create a WLAN for the internal devices
3-create a wired LAN to connect the external port of the wap to the internal port of the Asa.
4-turn off wireless on the comcast gateway
5-set the comcast gateway to bridged mode and connect the internal port of the gateway to the external port of the Asa.

Before doing any of that you need to look into the feasibility of the last item. For regular cable modems there is generally a way to reconfigure it as a bridge. For these residential gateways that may not be possible.

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