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Console connecting 2822


I just bought a 2822 (old switch) and now I'm trying to connect to it via the console...

But I only get (I think) Hexadecimal codes....

I tried everything rollover cable (got a lot of those) Also putted two "terminal"(rj45>db9) connections between the rollover cable. (you can't put rj45 into the switch for a terminal (db9 i think) also for the com connection to my PC...

speed/hardware flow etc.. is all good. (can connect for example to a 2500

any ideas?


Re: Console connecting 2822

Older switches use straight cables instead of rollover. Try to use one of those old separate connectors that have an rj45 and use this to connect from your pc to the switch.

On the other hand... If you get (garbled) output your RX/TX connection is probably OK. In that case you may try to set a different console speed and check wheter that gives any improvement.



Community Member

Re: Console connecting 2822

thx for your awnser but it still doesn't work.

When I put the console speed to lower rated I do get more garbled information if I put it higher I get less garbled information...

But nothing yet I actually can read.. :)

I don't understand what you mean with a "old separate connector" with rj45? Do you mean these "terminal" devices which I'm using now?

Re: Console connecting 2822

With "old separate connector" I mean the db9 or db25 to RJ45 connectors that where previously shipped to attach the console. These often used a black (straight) cable. The new configuration is to use a rollover (crossed) cable. That is what you get today with all products that I know.

The symptoms that you describe are typical for the situation where some serial settings are misconfigured. If the speed is correct you may have to alter the parity or the number of bits.

As this is an old device, it is hardly possible to predict the console settings. Trial on error seems the only way out.



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