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DHCP not giving ip to wireless client

Dear All,

        i have one typical problem.

I was configured wireless access point 1140 and integrate with windows IAS (radius server) for authentication to wireless client.

My server vlan            10

my AP vlan                 2

My clinet vlan             3

when i connected clinet on vlan 3 through cable its ok, but when i go through IAS (Radius Server) client not getting IP address.  I was created one bvi interface on AP and put in 1 native vlan. But still same problem.

can any one help me to solve this problem.


Re: DHCP not giving ip to wireless client

Hi there,

What happens if you give your client a static IP address? Does it communicate properly on the network? This will help us identify in a not more details where the problems lies...

Many thanks



Re: DHCP not giving ip to wireless client

I assume that you configure the AP

as autonomous mode. If this is the case, BVI interface on the AP is used for management purpose. The AP does not use BVI for forwarding wireless client traffic.

I agree with Jonathan that we need to confirm the problem is forwarding issue. Can you do a show dot11 as. Find out if the client is stuck in authentication status.

Assume that the wireless client pass authentication. Please post the followings:

show run int dot 0/0 and show run int dot 0/0 or whatever interface and sub-interface the SSID is associated to

show run int gi 0/0 and show run int gi 0/0.3

show spanning interface on the switch side

Is there DHCP server on VLAN 3? If not, please show me the router on VLAN 3? I would like to confirm that DHCP relay agent (i.e. ip helper-address) is configured.

New Member

Re: DHCP not giving ip to wireless client

I am try to integrate AP with active directory through radius server.  IF i put static ip also its not pinging.   I dont know what the problem.

For vlan 3 also DHCP, if i go with cable then dhcp is working fine, if i go with wireless weather dhcp or static nothing is working.



Re: DHCP not giving ip to wireless client

Please provide the output of show dot11 as when a wireless client is associated to the AP. Please also provide the AP configuration as well as the switch port on the ethernet switch.

Cisco Employee

Re: DHCP not giving ip to wireless client


Can you share the show run from the AP?

We can analyse the config and advise you of the corrections needed.


New Member

Re: DHCP not giving ip to wireless client


Is the DHCP address scope in the same IP range as the WAP BVI??

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