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Download IOS


i have got a Cisco 3550-48SMI switch with 12.2(25) IOS running. now i want to upgrade ist, but i cannot download the new images from There is always a messages wich says: you have to follow all the steps: register, log in,....

But i'm logged in...

so how con i download it?

and there are many different versions, which version should i take?

and they all need 64mb flash, my switch says it only has 58mb?

sorry for my bad english.

Hope you can help me.


Re: Download IOS


If you are logged in as guest meaning that you don't have a support contract associated to your CCO (Cisco username) then moslikely that is the reason why you are unable to download any software. If you do have one and still experiencing problems please email

Now, you have a 3550 switch and the flash is not upgradable besides that you do have an SMI switch therefore any SMI (ip base)image will work for you.

In regards to which one to select it is hard to recommend anyone in particular since it depends on your network and its requirements therefore the best thing is to use the release notes to check under the different versions what is supported and what is not or if you have a valid Cisco username you can use the following tool:

Hope it helps...

New Member

Re: Download IOS

thank you for your answer.

I compare the IOS images first, but how to get a downloadable user? I am only a guest user although i have got the cisco switch. I have bought it from a shop. Do i have to ask the seller?


Re: Download IOS

The best thing is to go back to your reseller and see what options do they have for you because "downloadable users" are provided along with a support contract.

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