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editing acl's

Hi all, can anyone tell me which acls you can edit on the fly, ie without editing and pasting back in on a notepad, is it named acls you can edit ?

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Re: editing acl's

Yes you can do it with named ACL's. Anything else. If this helps please rate.

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Re: editing acl's

so can you just remove or add any statement out of the named acl? if its not named do you normally copy and paste it out then paste it back in ?

Re: editing acl's


If the access-list standard or named and if numbered , then you can edit on the fly.Now a days , ios supports numbering in standard ACL's also.


access-list 3 permit

access-list 3 permit

EL-I01-06-C4506-1A#sh access-lists 3

Standard IP access list 3

10 permit, wildcard bits

20 permit, wildcard bits

ip access-list standard 3

no 20

20 permit host

Now on the fly you can do the changes if numbered and it holds good for extended , named acls

Hope this helps


vanesh k

Re: editing acl's

I would like to add to the above post that you should atleast be running 12.2(14)S or 12.2(15)T for the above feature to work.

If you are running a lower IOS, then you need to copy the entire access-list onto an editor, make the changes and load it back.

If you just want to remove a statement i.e 3rd line , you can do the following

eg access-list 3 permit

access-list 3 permit

access-list 3 permit

access-list 3 permit

(Config)#ip access-list standard 3

(Config-nacl)#no permit

This will remove only the 2nd statement from the access-list.



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