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faulty router (?)

cisco 2651XM router

I have 256Mb ram (two sticks of 128Mb) in this router, but when it starts up the console says:


System Bootstrap, Version 12.2(7r) [cmong 7r], RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

Copyright (C) 2002 by cisco Systems, Inc.

*** Warning during size main memory test,

expected bus error does not occur above 128 mb of main memory

C2600 platform with 131072 Kbytes of main memory.


I swapped some good tested memory from another 2651xm (2 x 128Mb sticks) router but I still got the above error. Does this mean the board is faulty?

if I only use one stick of 128mb it boots fine with no errors, and I can use either slot, but it's when both slots are used I get the error. Swapping the sticks around made no difference. Is there any kind of major reset one can do of the mainboard?

thanks for any advice.

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Re: faulty router (?)

Have you used this setup before?

According to the New Memory Capacity on Cisco 2600XM Series Multiservice Router


"The second announcement is a new internal ROMmon on all Cisco 2600XM Series multiservice routers. This new ROMmon simply provides the "future ability" to upgrade the Cisco 2600XM Series to 256-MB DRAM. Currently the maximum memory used by Cisco IOS® Software is 128 MB. Some future Cisco IOS Software releases will use more than 128 MB of memory and will require this new ROMmon support to provide access to memory between 128 MB and 256 MB. "

Does this information help?

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Re: faulty router (?)

yes it does thanks I'm going to have to look closely at the rom chip in my router and ascertain if it is the culprit. I hope it is, putting in a new rom chip is an easy solution.

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Re: faulty router (?)

Unfortunately, to upgrade the ROMmon of the 2651XM router, you need to purchase the chip.

I believe (and I could be wrong) the 2691XM is the only router of the series that the ROMmon can be upgraded using software ( ... and the file is well hidden too!

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