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First year in Network college - problem setting up tricky Network.

Hi CISCO .I have 2 networks set up at home .1) my XP connected to a win98 via ethernet & nic .2) 3 more ( ex work pc's )win 98 connected by ethernet via a hub . I have put a second nic in one of the number 2 network (win 98), and wish to connect both networks - using this 1 pc with 2 nics . I cant get this joining pc to see both workgroups .It sees the XP network , but not the win 98 network . Any Ideas ? Is there a separate wizard ( for the joining pc ), where I can set up the second network ? - as when I alter the settings for TCP/IP for either of the nics , then the settings apply to both nics . ie I try to change one of the nics to workgroup2 , then when I check the other nic's settings , then it has changed to workgroup2 .Thanks for any help . I was hoping on trying all of the TCP/IP troubleshooting tools like Ping & ARP ( that I am currently learning about ), but I want to get the Network set up right before I do any testing . Thanks from Rob Moseley in England


Re: First year in Network college - problem setting up tricky Ne


Its been awhile since I've played with win98 but I'm pretty sure you can't enable IP routing. You will need a Server class OS such as 'Windows 2000/2003 Server', or better yet, install Linux which can easily do it.

HTH and please rate.

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Re: First year in Network college - problem setting up tricky Ne

Hi ceclark . Thanks for the message . I wasn't sure if this was possible - or not . Thanks again & see you again . Bye from Rob in Stoke England

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