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Forwarding RDP in Cisco 1841

Good day, I would apreciate it if somebody would like to help me set up our new router. The ISP is not very helpful. I got it connected to the net with some functionalty but I can not send mail througt the router it is tellingme something like Relay not permited from your location. And i cant seem to get remote desktop working through the Ethernet 0/1 port. I will attach a network diagram with basic information. It any one needs more info I will suply it. PLZ Help.


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Re: Forwarding RDP in Cisco 1841


Sounds like you have two issues here.

Firstly the email. It could be a NAT problem between your local server IP and an external public IP address, so you may need to look into this. It could also be that you don't have reverse DNS setup so that your NAT'ed IP address doesn't resolve to a hostname. Some ISPs will not allow you to send email unless your IP resolves to a hostname.

Another common problem could be that you are using the wrong ISP SMTP mail server to send email. This is only applicaible if you are using your ISP's mail server as a relay rather than sending out email directly.

Your RDP issue sounds very much like a NAT config problem.

The following documentation should be able to provide you with a walkthrough on how to sort this out.

To summarise, check your NAT configs for both email and RDP problem. Ensure that your SMTP mail servers NAT'ed IP (Internet facing IP) resloves to a hostname and lastly if you are using your IOSP as a mail relay to send email confirm you are using the correct SMTP mail server name.

Hope this helps,

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Re: Forwarding RDP in Cisco 1841

I agree 100% with what gunner07971 said about the mail issue. As far as the RDP issue you would have to post the config of the device to find out whats going on.

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