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ftp uploading

How can we check which port r open in a router ? We are facing a problem of ftp uploading on our server through routers network. but ftp downloading is no issue.


Re: ftp uploading


If you have done NAT then you can check the ports by :

Router# sh ip nat translations

which will show you active ports and the IP address on which they are open.




Re: ftp uploading

since port control for a router is controlled by access lists, you will have to view any access-lists applied to any interfaces of the router.

or, if you have IOS Firewall running, then of course you'll have to view the ports that are open via the firewall rules defined.

if you have no access-lists configured on your router and you have no IOS Firewall running, then you have no ports blocked (aka all ports are open) on any interfaces ingress or egress of that router.

by default, a router allows all ports of a configured protocol in/out on the interface that the protocol is configured.

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Re: ftp uploading

What do you use as the ftp client side?

Typically you use the ftp client on the router and up- and download to an ftp server that hosts your configs and images.

If you whish to enable the ftp server on the router and use the ftp client from your PC, then you need an ftp-server statement in your router config. The ftp-server is then listening on the standard ports 20/21.

The latter is considered less secure...

Hope that helps, Chris.

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