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Help a newb build a network

I need clue to build a network of 30 computer. Each computer need to access a multifunction printer BUT I have a problem.

I dont want any computer to be able to communicate each other (anyway we dont have internet access).

What I need is a clue about material I need, and how to build that network:

Should I do something like 30 vlan

Or should I use ACL.

Thank for the help


Re: Help a newb build a network

can you give little more insight on the requirement?

Does this network will be connected to any WAN link to a remote location or it will just be a LAN?

from the post, i understand that you want each host to communicate to printer only and not among themselves. is it correct?

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Re: Help a newb build a network

30 vlans would be a slight overkill. Have a look at the following link

Basically you need a switch which supports private vlans. This would allow you to configure your network without needing 30 vlans.


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Re: Help a newb build a network

You can do this also with Subnetting and a Static route to the Printer.

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Re: Help a newb build a network

Thank for all the reply.

Sorry befor yesterday i didn't have more information.

But there is the information I got:

The network have 34 computer puted on 2 switch (the switch are not in the same room)

First switch is 3COM

Office connect dual speed 16 port.

The second switch is a SMC 16 port (not managed)

The network have satelite internet connexion, plug on the first switch.

On a SEPARATED way, they have another internet connexion, plug in a switch 24 port

SonicWall Pro 1260 (only 2 port are used, i know how mush wasting hehe....)and this switch is plugged in a Wireless router SonicWall (dont know the model)

The 2 network ARE NOT linked.

What they ask me to do is to plug a new multi-function device on ALL the computer and to protect the network. What they mean by protect the network is to prevent computer from access another computer on the network(and this is really important because they have many department).

Internet must be accessible on all computer.

Subneting is not a solution because they need something easy to expand (and well i need 2 hour to get their, this is an indian reserve "near" of my city so....)

They don't care about changing the equipment they already own and they dont really care about the pricing.

So I was thinking to use PVLAN but i'm not sur if I can do it on 2 switch, and i read that i can only use one promiscuous port (I need 2, one for internet and one for the multi-function device).

I've heard about protected port but i'm not sure of what is this, is it the same thing as PVLAN (and can i use it on two separate switch)

Wich switch should i use to do this job?

Will I need a router?

Many thank to all of you (and sorry for my writting, english is not my first langage.)

Thanks again :-)

S. D'Amboise

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