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Help with Catalyst 3512 XL CNA

Im not going to lie, I'm pretty much a beginner when it comes to switches.  I have recently purchased a second hand 3512 XL which I have managed to connect to via PuTTY and the console cable. I have familiarised myself with access privileges and resetting passwords and locating the IP address, etc.

I am trying to connect the switch to Cisco Network Assistant however I am unable to connect to the switch over a cat5 on the first port (nothing else is on the network, just a server directly to the switch).  I have tried pinging the switch from my server, and similarly I have tried pinging the server from the switch and each time there is 100% fail rate.  Can anyone help me trace this problem?




Re: Help with Catalyst 3512 XL CNA

Is it interface vlan 1 you have set the IP address on the switch? If so, make sure the port the server is connected to is on vlan 1.

If that is the case, make sure that the switch and the server is on the same range if IP addresses (subnet).

Check that to begin with, tell me if it doesn't work.

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Re: Help with Catalyst 3512 XL CNA

if you just want to have your pc talk to the switch and nothing else ( not connection the swith to the network ) here's what you would have to do:

set your pc an ip address:

go to your switch with console cable


conf t

ip default-gateway

interface vlan 1

ip address


connect your pc to any port of the switch

from switch ping - should work


if  you want it in your network then set ip default-gateway to your gateway form your pc (if you use windows go start - run type cmd) and do ipconfig ... find your gateway and set it to switch.

if your pcs ip is 192.168.1.x then set vlan1 ip for example

interface vlan1

ip address


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Re: Help with Catalyst 3512 XL CNA

Duplicate post

CNA and 3500XL?  You'll need a pretty old version of the CNA to get this running.  Look at the Release Notes of your CNA version which will tell you what appliance is supported.

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