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help with selecting devices


I have a problem. I need to do a project for my customer and I have a problem with network devices. If you can help me to choose something I will be appreciate.

There is a bulding which has 4 floors. On every floor has to be 2 AP's what is equal to 8 AP's in all building. In addition there are 2 AP's more in conference rooms. The number of normal ethernet ports in all building is 160 ports. I need to project only LAN devices because we don`t know yet what kind of ISP will we choose, so routers are not needed now.

I need to choose some shitches and AP's.

The problem is I don`t know what kind of AP's should I use. Hewlett Packard (sorry for reffering to competition) has got a solution witch is called a radio ports. That mean that every AP used as radio port work very inteligent in the network such as they don`t disturb each other, negotiating the radio power and radio channels automatically.

The problem in HP is that all that solution works only on core switches from 5300 and 5400 series (chassis). The modules available to buy are only 1Gbit and cost horrible much of money. I don`t need 1Gbit for normal workstations.

Does Cisco have similar solutions as HP ? What kind of devices (models) should I use in that project ?

I know that should I call to Cisco in my country and ask for a help, but I did it and I have been given a phone number where nobody responds ;/. That why I come here to ask you for a help.

Thank You very much for everything.




Re: help with selecting devices

Hi Jarek,

The HP solution that you've given is basically a series of lightweight access points - these are controlled by a central controller unit.

Cisco has two solutions - unfortunately, because you have more than 6 APs in mind, you'll need to go for the more expensive of the two. Depending on what you order, the Cisco 4402 Wireless LAN Controller supports up to 50 access points (the most basic option supports 12, which would do nicely for your setup).

The APs themselves would be AIR-LAP1131AG-x-K9 LWAPP.

I'm not sure about pricing for these units though.

As for your switches, you could use 4x Cisco WS-C2960-48TT. This will give you 192 ports. If you want to power your APs from the switches, then you would need to use either WS-C3560-48PS-S or WS-C3750-48PS-S.

If you don't want to use Power-over-Ethernet to power your access points, remember that the APs might not come with an A/C adapter (or, they come with an A/C adapter and you find that the position the APs have to go to is short on power cables). You can buy a power injector to supply power to the AP without having to use a PoE switch.

I hope this is of some help to you.

Kind regards,


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