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How to configure wan on cisco 851

Hi, I have an adsl router (zyxel660, working fine) and get a cisco 851 (i want to set up vpn with it)the problem is that i don?t know why the 851 can?t access internet (i am conecting the adsl router to it in the wan port), if someone can explain me how to do it, thanks

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Re: How to configure wan on cisco 851

Ideally, you'll want to put the zyxel into bridge mode, and create a dialer interface on the router in which you can specify the IP, or DHCP. You'll need to join the dialer interface and fastethernet4(WAN) to a common dialer group. You'll need to enable pppoe fastethernet4, and configure the pppoe authentication within the dialer interface.

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Re: How to configure wan on cisco 851

That?s ok. The problem is that i have adsl and TV servicies configured in the zyxel router and don?t know how to configure the TV services in my cisco 851. Is there any other way to connect both routers? Like using fix ip on wan configuration (on cisco) and leave the zyxel connects itself to adsl? Thanks a lot.

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