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How to show page by page on screen (--More--)?

I prefer Procomm Plus for telnetting into switches/routers.

Who knows how to set up the page by page-wise flow of information on the terminal.

When I send the "show run-command, the complete feedback is shown at once. I want to control the feedback with the keyboard (Tab, Enter etc.).


Re: How to show page by page on screen (--More--)?


you can try out terminal length 25 under the global config mode which can help you to try out the page-wise flow of information...



Re: How to show page by page on screen (--More--)?


In addition to prem, if u want see only the output of files in page-wise format, you can use more command itself.


eg: more system:running-config



Re: How to show page by page on screen (--More--)?


I remotely remember that that pressing Alt+F6 activates at least the up and down keys to scroll back and forth, you might want to give that a try...



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Re: How to show page by page on screen (--More--)?

Changig window size (number of lines) nor using more-command (i.e. more system:running-config) does not affect the output.

Output is displayed complete and not page by page.

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Re: How to show page by page on screen (--More--)?


It has been quite a while since I used Procomm Plus and there may be features that I do not remember clearly. But I am inclined to think like the others have suggested that it is more likely to be the setup of the vty lines than it is to be something within Procom Plus.

Would you post the entire configuration of the vty lines? Also if you telnet into the router, can you determine which line you are connected to and post the output of show line ?



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Re: How to show page by page on screen (--More--)?


I was also wondering if it is the line setting in the switch or the program I use to connect (Procomm) which causes this.

Before I post the configuration of line settings, this might be a clue to what is the cause:

When I use Hyperterminal or Teraterm the feedback is given page-by-page. Only when I use Procomm (which a I said I prefer) it is not.

So to me this looks like the program is the cause, not the switch.Nevertheless here is the line setting:

Switch_2#show line vty 0

Tty Typ Tx/Rx A Modem Roty AccO AccI Uses Noise Overruns Int

* 1 VTY - - - - - 2 0 0/0 -

Line 1, Location: "", Type: "VT100"

Length: 0 lines, Width: 80 columns

Baud rate (TX/RX) is 9600/9600

Status: PSI Enabled, Ready, Active, No Exit Banner, Ctrl-c Enabled

Automore On

Capabilities: none

Modem state: Ready

Special Chars: Escape Hold Stop Start Disconnect Activation

^^x none - - none

Timeouts: Idle EXEC Idle Session Modem Answer Session Dispatch

00:10:00 never none not set

Idle Session Disconnect Warning


Login-sequence User Response


Autoselect Initial Wait

not set

Modem type is unknown.

Session limit is not set.

Time since activation: 00:02:28

Editing is enabled.

History is enabled, history size is 10.

DNS resolution in show commands is enabled

Full user help is disabled

Allowed input transports are telnet.

Allowed output transports are telnet.

Preferred transport is telnet.

No output characters are padded

No special data dispatching characters


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Re: How to show page by page on screen (--More--)?

Found the solution...

Priv exec command terminal sets the number of lines displayed:

terminal length 30 (for example)

Thanks all!

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Re: How to show page by page on screen (--More--)?


It is interesting and helpful to know that the behavior is different (and better) when using Hyperterm or Teraterm. It certainly indicates that there is something about Procomm that is involved. But I believe that it is an interaction between the port configuration and some setting in Procomm. There are two lines in your show command output that may point us at the issue. First is this:

Length: 0 lines, Width: 80 columns

setting term length to 0 is one way to disable the page by page display of output.

Second is this:

Automore On

I believe that there is something in Hyperterm and Teraterm that signals that it wants to do the "more" for page by page output but that Procomm does not. I am not sure if there is some setting in Procomm that will accomplish this.

As an experiment I suggest that you configure a specific length on the telnet ports. Pick some relatively small number (15, or 20, or 25) so the result will be obvious.

You may also do some more searching for an option in Procomm to do page by page display. If Procomm is the emulator that you prefer then there ought to be at least one way to get what you need with it.

Having done a very quick look at the Procomm site I wonder if it makes any difference whether you run in terminal mode or in telnet mode?