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How to verify backup router functionality


We have a level 3 switch, Catalyst 4507R. On int fa3/3 there is a router connected, on int fa3/4 there is another router connected for redundancy. It is somehow configured so that if the first one goes down the second automatically takes over. I would like to test if the "backup router" is up and running and funtional in a slightly less brutal way than to pull out the cable during operation. Im thinking that there should be a way to do this, maybe by using Extended ping? I dont have access to the routers, they belong to and are being administrated by the service provider. Is there any way to "redirect" e.g a trace command to the ip address of the backup router? Any comments are greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

Regards, JC


Re: How to verify backup router functionality


I dont think that its possible to test the routers, b'coz most probably, ur service provider must have implemented HSRP. So, in case of failure, that same ip would be continued to be in use. Hence there wont be any change seen as far as users are concerned.

Also u do not have the access to the routers, which makes it more difficult to give suggestions. In any case, it would be difficult to troubleshoot what happening, and u will end up nowhere.So do not think of this.

One thing u can do without affecting ur current setup is to pull out the ethernet cable of secondary router from the 4507 and attach it directly to the PC and see. Make sure u give proper IP address on to ur PC.But I doubt this will work, if u have enabled routing onto that 4507.

I cant think of any other way .The only way remains is te "brutual" way.



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