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In a vtp domain how many server mode switches can be

dear sir,

in a vtp domain how many server mode switches should be.

what role transpranent mode vtp domain and were we are using it.


Re: In a vtp domain how many server mode switches can be

Hi Mukhtar,

You can have all the switches in server mode in your network but it is always recommended to have atleast 1 and better to have 2 in your network.

One is required because VTP server is the only switch from where you can modify, add or delete vlan and it will be propogated to all client switch but 2 is recommended to have redundancy incase your one VTP server goes down you will be having another ot take care of your network.

Talking about VTP mode transparent, this mode will allow you to create,delete and modify any vlans but will not participate in any VTP messages and it will also not propogate its VLAN information to anyone in the network.

Also if you want to go for extended range of vlan which is above 1005 you have to configure your siwtch in VTP transparent mode only.

To know more about VTP have a look at this link

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Re: In a vtp domain how many server mode switches can be

hi Mukthar,

you can have multiple VTP server in switch but in order to make consistancy and administration work easy it is recommanded to keep two vtp you can have primary and secondary...when ever you are having two server switches in network then the higher the revision number switch will become a primary...

when ever you are confiugring switch in transperent mode then switch will not syncronise its vlan or vtp information with other in the same domain...on transperent switch you can add and delete the vlans but this vlan information will not flooded to all ther switch in same domain...

hope this will clear you concepts

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Re: In a vtp domain how many server mode switches can be

you can have all the switches in the same vtp domain in VTP server mode, if you wish. There is no limitation, however, you have to understand what server/client does, you would not want an access switch to be a VTP server. Transparent mode is use for situation where you do not want VTP to be propagating. Maybe you do not want a vlan created in one switch to be propagated to the rest of the switch in the domain. Maybe you want to keep the vlan database of each switch independent of one another in fear of losing the database when all the servers go down. It's a matter of weighing the plus and minus of each feature.

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