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Inter-Vlan Routing

<p>just a quick question on best practive for what i'm working on.</p>

<p>Currently I have a "router on a  stick" essentially - 2611XM performing vlan routing internally .. I know best practice would be to use a layer 3 switch but at the current time i can not run my layer 3 switch due to power constraints within my environment (home lab)</p>

<p>Question: Would it be more efficient to enable both fast ethernet interfaces on the router or am I fine with just the 1 interface set up? I do notice that i'm able to peg the router out when moving large files around so i'm trying to balance the traffic a little better so this does not happen. Any other idea's or suggestions would be welcome as well.</p>

<p><strong>General Layout</strong></p>

<p>Default Route : (gateway)</p>

<p>No ip split horizon</p>

<p>1x 2611 XM - FastEthernet 0/0 - Enabled with no ip and sub interfaces mapped out to vlans w/DOT1Q encapsulation corrisponding to each vlan</p>

<p>FA0/0.1- VLan 1 (Native) -</p>

<p> encapsulation dot1Q 1 native</p>

<p>FA0/0.2- VLan 2 -</p>

<p> encapsulation dot1Q 2</p>

<p>FA0/0.13- VLan 13 -</p>

<p> encapsulation dot1Q 13</p>

<p>FA0/0.50- VLan 50 -</p>

<p> encapsulation dot1Q 50</p>

<p>FA0/0.100- VLan 100 -</p>

<p> encapsulation dot1Q 100</p>

<p> </p>


<p>Jay Stants</p>


Re: Inter-Vlan Routing

Anything to break that up would help . If you look at every packet that needs to be routed is going up and down the same link , with 2 interfaces at least it might get it so it has some traffic going down the other link instead of going up that link and then back down that link to be routed.

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Re: Inter-Vlan Routing


Thanks for the input i'll give this a shot and see how things fair out


Jay Stants

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