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Internet pipe redundancy

I have Internet pipe from data center poeple. This pipe is directly going to cisco 2950 24 port switch(in public VLAN). I have another same switch trunk with primary switch.

now in my production setup switch1 is the single point of Failure. Some body needs to manualy put the Internet pipe to switch 2.

how DO I make my setup redundant in terms of Internet pipe ... My data center provider not able to provide Y connection--

Please suggest me the solution


Re: Internet pipe redundancy


is it possible for you to post out a small schematic representation of the topo which you are discussing in your post ?

Also mentioned the kinda connectivity between the DC and the switches and also the proposed reduandcy part which is your requirement here.


New Member

Re: Internet pipe redundancy


I'am attaching my network digram in MS power point.

Read Colour -- Public VLAN

Gree Colour -- Private VLAN

Doted line -- Trunk and HOW failover cable

Internet pipe comming to switch1 public VLAN.

I have only Cisco Pix 515E in HA mode -- I don't have router.

My machine NIC1 connected to switch1 amd NIC2 connected to switch2 and BOTH the NIC in TEAM mode.

Re: Internet pipe redundancy

Well, To be short and precise, we cannot do much in this scenario. You have the redundent hardware but not the redundent connectivity link whihc is essential in a compkete fault tolerent n/w. Please try to arrange another link and then it will be a complete redundent n./w.


-amit singh

Re: Internet pipe redundancy


As amit mentioned out if you gotta reduandant link you can try out lik this too..

just put them in your pix outside interface and place your inside interface to the 2950 switches and connect all IDC segment into the lan switch.

this will ofcourse help u to harden the security too for your server farm which can be in ur idc segment.


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