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New Member

Java - essential to manage routers?

Was thinking of migrating an existing small network to Cisco equipment, as the owner wants to move to a more upmarket, higher-reliability infrastructure.

Main issue I see is that most if not all of the Cisco routers depend on a Java web-applet for config, and from what I've read the version of java on the computer is critical to this working correctly.

This requirement may clash with an existing (and mission-critical) DAS client, which also demands a very specific version of the Java runtime. This DAS client will cease to function if the latest release of Sun Java is installed.

Anyone able to confirm the neeed for Java, or suggest a way to manage the equipment without changing the Java runtime?

-and yes I suppose I could dedicate a spare machine for the task, but it would be highly inconvenient to only be able to access the config from this one location.

Anyone got the lowdown on this? Is it likely to be a problem?


Re: Java - essential to manage routers?

Except for the E500s, I can't see any *need* for Java/JRE ... pretty much all of Cisco's stuff has some flavor of CLI, accessable through either the console port or Telnet/SSH.

Some of the GUIs are just straight-up HTML at the client side.

What equipment are you looking to use?

What flavor of JRE are you currently running?

Is that the only compatible version with your current applications? (fire the programmer!, This is Java Dammit!)

Let us know and we can pick it up from there.

Good Luck


New Member

Re: Java - essential to manage routers?

It's no problem to have multiple versions of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on a computer. Each user can have a preferred JRE assigned for Java applications.

Java has good backward compatibility so I would try to run your DAS client anyway regardless of what the vendor says.

New Member

Re: Java - essential to manage routers?

I can assure you that with this (badly-written) software, it is a problem. It will only work with Microsoft Java 5, and installation of any version of Sun Java knocks it out. It will also only work with MSIE5/6, which I'd rather people were not doing, for obvious security reasons. But, that's another matter.

The software was provided by the Government, and IIRC the programmer has been fired but they don't have any workable replacement yet, and might not have for some time.

Anyway, was thinking in terms of the 837 ADSL router. Other point is, AFAICS this doesn't incorporate a modem, and there would be little point in teaming a Cisco router with a

less-specified modem, especially as line-drops and ineffective self-reconnect are the main concern with the existing kit. Do Cisco produce a partner modem suitable for UK PPPoA?

New Member

Re: Java - essential to manage routers?

Oh, I thought you were talking about real Java, not the Java-like-stuff Microsoft implemented to give Sun a hard time. Tough luck then...

New Member

Re: Java - essential to manage routers?

Have you tried to manage a cisco with the same java version that is needed for the other application which is already deployed?

CLI - configuring the router with the command line interface - is the only other option that I know of.