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live vty password

How do i change line vty password.

current setting are:

line vty 0 4

priviliage level 15

password xxx


transport input telnet ssh

what does mean of all such commands ?


Re: live vty password

Hi Friend

go into the line configuration mode and change the password


(config)#line vty 0 4


The privilege command is used to set the default privilege level for the line.

Level 15 is the level of access permitted by the enable password. you can change the privilge level by assigning it any other level.

eg. line vty 0 4

privilege level 5

Login & password are configured to prompt for the password when anyone tries to telnet

transport input telnet ssh

The above command allows both telnet and ssh inbound conenction to the vty line

Check out this link for more information on configuring line,console and aux ports

You should also configure service password-encrption in the global configuration mode which will encrypt all the password

HTH, rate if it does


Re: live vty password

Hi Blue,

to change the telnet password(vty 0 4)

juz go type as follows

router#conf t

router(config)#line vty 0 4




privilage level 15 indicates the level of access permitted by the enable password. which means the moment you type the telnet password, you need not have to type "enable" it will directly take you to # prompt.

login indicate which prompt the "login" prompt

"transport input telnet ssh", indicates that the interface will accepts both the telnet & ssh(secure shell login) which is more secure that the "telnet", so it is better to accept only the "ssh"

& finally line vty 0 4 indicates that the vty(virtual terminal) "0" means the interface number & "4" the maximum number of session to be opened for this interface, you can also have more that 4, which means concurrent sessions of this particular which will be opened. eg. if you say line vty 0 10, it can accept maximum of 11 concurrent sessions, bcoz the number starts from 0 to 10 = 11.

hope this helps,

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New Member

Re: live vty password

The following is how you would complete it.



router#config t

router#line vty 0 4

router#priviliage level 15

router#password (then your password)


router#wr mem

Then you should be good. Please rate if this helps.

New Member

Re: live vty password

you could use Username and passwords

Router#configure terminal

then username User password Password

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