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Load balance on routers LAN and WAN

Hi ;

I have a setup where i need to implement load balance on 2 routers in both sides ,LAN and WAN , and there is ASA in the LAN side , my question is that when do load blance in LAN side using GLBP how the 2 ASA's will act on this because they will have only 1 default gateway IP address .


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Re: Load balance on routers LAN and WAN

Not Harbi

Not entirely sure i understand the question but i'll try to answer based on a few assumptions.

It sounds like you have a pair of ASA devices on the LAN side. Assuming they are in active / failover then they will appear as one IP address to the routers - a VRRP address. When the ASA arps out for the default gateway address they will get one of the virtual mac addresses back from the AVG.

They will send traffic to that mac address ie. they won't load balance.

The load balancing aspect comes in when another host on the LAN then arps out for the default gateway and the AVG assigns it a different virtual mac address tied to a different router. But as the ASA pair always appear as one host entity they will always be tied to one of the routers at any one time.

Hope this covers what you were asking


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Re: Load balance on routers LAN and WAN

Thanks jon for replay , but both the ASA will be Active / Active and also for the routers will be both active / active using the GLBP , and also in the ISP side these 2 routers will be connecting to deferent routers i.e : ISP ER1--CE1( customre routers1)-ASA1--VLAN1.

ISP ER2-CE2(customer router2)-ASA2-VLAN2.

i wont at the end have 2 vlan , and each one will have it is own router and the other route will standby ., but both should be active at one time.


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Re: Load balance on routers LAN and WAN

Refer to this link. It will be very helpful and self explanatory.

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