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Management VLAN for Catalyst 3524


I'm currently using VLAN30 as my management VLAN ( and would like to use VLAN20 for the management VLAN. After configuring VLAN20 as my management VLAN, the changes didn't get updated in the running-config. The IOS commands used are:

config t

int vlan 20

ip address

no shutdown


Re: Management VLAN for Catalyst 3524


did u mean that your vlan20 is not coming up or the config lines referred to vlan20 is not getting displayed when you issue show vlan command?

you need to enable the vlan20 in the global mode and also you need to trunk it on some live interface to bring that vlan up/up.

Also check the vtp mode status too whether its configured for client mode ?

normally it wont allow u to create the vlans manually if its in client mode.

so do throw some more lite on the same ..


Re: Management VLAN for Catalyst 3524

Hi Peter,

3500Xl and 2900Xl switches are kinda old patter switches and need "management" keyword under logical interface.

So make sure you have trunk on which vlan 20 is allowed or infact any machine connected on vlan 20 directly on this switch so that it remains up and up and just add management command under interface vlan 20.

Also make sure in "sh vlan" you have vlan 20 and it is active.

Check this link



New Member

Re: Management VLAN for Catalyst 3524

Hi Ankurbhasin,

When I did a sh ip int brief, the results are as follows:

Interface IP-Address OK? Method Status Protocol

VLAN1 unassigned YES manual up up

VLAN20 149.199.x.x YES manual deleted down

VLAN30 172.16.x.x YES manual up up

VLAN40 172.16.x.x YES manual deleted down

Why does VLAN20 gets deleted?

vlan 20 is active and all VLANs are allowed on the trunk links. After adding the management command under int vlan 20, I'm unable to telnet using VLAN30 anymore.

Re: Management VLAN for Catalyst 3524

Hi Peter,

Can you go to vlan database mode and add vlan 20.



New Member

Re: Management VLAN for Catalyst 3524

Hi Ankur,

This switch is in VTP client mode. When I did a show vlan, the output is as follows. VLAN 20 is already active.

VLAN Name Status

---- -------------------------------- --------

1 default active

20 core-network active

When I did a sh ip int brief, the output is as follows:

VLAN1 unassigned YES manual up

VLAN20 149.xx.xx.xx YES manual deleted

VLAN30 172.xx.xx.xx YES manual up

The VLAN 20 showed as deleted. I think this was because I issued the no int vlan 20 command as shown below:

config t

int vlan 20

ip address 149.xx.xx.xx. (For setting it as the management VLAN)

no int vlan 20

How do I set VLAN20 as the Management VLAN again?

What is the difference between the following:

i) int vlan 20


ii) no int vlan 20

Re: Management VLAN for Catalyst 3524

Hi Peter,

Ahhh so that was the problem. The difference between shutdown and no interface vlan 20 is as follows:

When you shut the vlan 20 it will be in admin down state but still the interface vlan 20 (logical interface) will exist and you will see it in "sh ip int brief" as admin down

But when you give a command no int vlan it will delete the logical interface (only layer 3 part will be deleted) asd you see in sh ip int brief but still layer 2 part will exist.

As you see in sh vlan you see vlan 20 as active as layer 2 part is up but in sh ip int brief it is in deleted mode.

I will say to make it management and make layer 3 part active again come to global config mode and create interface vlan 20 again and assign an ip address and make it no shut.



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