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Migration from Cat6509 to Cat6513

Our 6509 is full. Redundant Sup1As, 6148 non-POE 48 port gigE cards, 1800W redundant PWR.

Can we simply move the cards slot for slot over to a 6513 chassis, or is there some tweaking of the config that is necessary?

Ari Klingman

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Re: Migration from Cat6509 to Cat6513


The sups and cards will all work fine with no reconfig as long as you put them into the same slots.

However, 1800W is somewhat low for a 6513 and I'm not even sure it's supported (I think the minimum is 2500W supplies for a 6513).

If they are supported then you can check the power remaining in the system with the "show env all" command - and from that you should be able to look up the power requirements of the new cards so see if you'll have enough.



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Re: Migration from Cat6509 to Cat6513

Thank you andrew. I will look into the support of the 1800W power supplies.


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Re: Migration from Cat6509 to Cat6513

Andrew FYI

Also if you zoom in on the interactive model of the 6513 shown on the cisco website. You can see that it is shown fully populated with POE devices using the 1800W power supplies.

Perhaps an assumption, but probably a strong enough one to test. Thanks again,


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Re: Migration from Cat6509 to Cat6513

The power supply you are calling "1800W" is really the WS-CAC-1300W supply, but it requires 1800W input because of the inefficiencies in AC->DC power conversion.

The Catalyst 6500 datasheet on CCO says that the 1300W power supply is not supported in a 6513 chassis. See below...


(End of Sale June 1, 2006)

? 100 to 240 VAC (?10% for full range)

? 17.25A at 100 VAC

? 8A at 200 VAC

Note: Not supported with Supervisor Engine 720 or Cisco Catalyst 6513

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