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Dear All,

In my network, I have a Firewall Hardware called Fortigate.

This device working as NAT device, or translator between my inside network ( LAN ) & OUR ISP Cisco Router 2801.

This device has 2 Ports:

Port ( 1 ) :-


1. Description: Connected to MY LAN.

2. IP Address: / 24

NO GW & NO DNS on this Device.

Port ( 2 ) :-


1. Description: Connected to OUR ISP CISCO ROUTER 1841, interface F 0/1.

2. IP Address :

3. S/M :

4.GW: is the IP Address of ISP Router, INT F 0/1.

5.DNS : / 9

And this Device have a routing role to route every thing to .

And on MY ISP Router, there is the following route

(ip route .

All of my LAN users ( 200 users up to now ) , in order to access internet through this device, I have to configure them with the IP Address in the same range of the IP Address of PORT 1 .

i.e. IP---? / 24 , GW : , DNS : /9.

Now for some security reasons , I need to shutdown this device and put my Cisco Router which is 1841, and configure this Router with NAT.

My 5 questions is :-

1- In order to do that, what should I do, Static NAT , or Dynamic , or PAT ?? overloading ?? ? can you Please guide me ?

I have 3 Real IP Address from my ISP, and I am using only one until now, and I need only this one IP Address to be used as real IP with those 200 Users , so guide me ?

2- I heard if I enable dynamic NAT, I have to create a one access list for each user IP, and make it Permit to Open internet for Him through my Internet Router which is Configured as NAT Router , is that correct ? if so, how can I wrote it to open only http & SMTP & FTP for only 5 users start from up to ?

3- what about the static route that I need to create on this router, to enable routing between interfaces ?

4- How can I configure the ROUTER with the DNS, in order to make the router configured with this DNS ?

5- Do I need to configure the user again , or only it?s a matter of shutdown the Device, and put my router with the same configurations ?

Please guide me guys .

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Hi Mmtantawi

As your network has prefix /29 you can t do Static or Dynamic Nat instead you must use Pat (port address translation) because you don't have enough ip addresses to assign to user dynamicaly.

ok !

Next if you want to use PAT you need an access list to define the source ip address you want to nat like this :

access-list 10 permit

access-list 10 deny any

then we define the nat

ip nat inside source list 10 interface fast0/1 overload

then assign our nat to interfaces

in interface configuration for fast0/1

///// ip nat outside /////

in interface configuration for fast0/0

//// ip nat inside /////


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