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hi all, can anyone give me a description what this is, i have done a search but still arent sure, is it a protocol like tcp/ip ?

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Have a look at this link for some info on NetWare:

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This is a Networking software from Novell.In earlier days, when we didn't have TCP/IP, Novell ruled the networking industry.

Similar to IP, Novell uses IPX (Internet Packet Exchange) and SPX (Sequential Packet Exchange)which is at same layer that of IP.

More can be found at :

In case of cisco, they have IPX routing, access-list etc.

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acutally, tcp/ip has been around since before netware and ipx/spx.

with NLM based netware, ip as well as ipx was supported.

netware is a networkOperatingSystem which was the market leader until the advent of Windows NT. a lack of marketing along with Windows ability to perform NOS services led to the ultimate decline of netware.

netware was the first real enterprise commercial success of DirectoryServices, until once again, windows ActiveDirectory came about.

microsofts domination of the marketing of its products was key to taking the market share from novell.

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This forum post was linked to a Cisco page on MTU 1546. The Novell IPX/SPX date is uncanny on the previous post. Last week we may have found a solution to flakey Novell protocols like SLP, IPX/SPX running over metro ethernet circuits. All of our 3750, 2851 and 7206s use MTU 1500 but our service provider said they set edge Cisco hardware MTU to 2000 and core 9216. Novell SLP started worked after the SP changed the MTU from 1500 to 2000 at the edge.

While troubleshooting the issue all *nix and windows traffic worked normally -- but the Novell server running SLP/TCPIP/IPX/SPX required the SP to change to 2000 at the SP edge and 9216 at the SP core.

Hope this helps.


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