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Network Assistant assign VLAN to physical port

Hi All,

I'm using Network Assistant to configure 2 3560CG-8PC-S units. I have them trunked together and created the VLANs I need. I have enabled routing, and assigned IP address/SN Mask to all the VLANs. I'm trying to figure out how to assign a VLAN to a physical port on the slave unit (the 3560 that is not performing the routing). The Network Assistant software has a drop-down list on the "VLANs" window, "Configure Ports" tab, but only 1 unit shows up (master unit, by name).

How do I use NA to assign VLANs to physical ports on the slave devices? The topology view indicates that I am connected to the master, but it identifies the slave unit by name.

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Make sure that you've VTP

Make sure that you've VTP domain setup in the primary switch so all VLANs will be populated to all trunked switches, then setup a SVI management interface in the secondary switch.  Using NA, connect to the secondary switch SVI management interface, go to Switch, select the desired port and modify it to use the right VLAN


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