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Network Statistics Standards


I will be monitoring a few switches through SNMP. I will be monitoring the bandwidth utilization, packets dropped, collisions, etc. Is there some kind of industry standard for these statistics? I've seen less than 70% utilization on a WAN is considered normal, but is this a standard?




Re: Network Statistics Standards

HI Alicia, [Pls Rate if HELPS]

In addition, you can monitor for CRC also.

Network Monitoring standards depends upon the critical of the Network and Company's Business. There are Network whose Uptime are critical upto 100% required but there are also Network required to be critcal between 9am to 6pm only ie., Office Hrs.

Consider your Company's Business Criteria, Understand the Critical of the Business, Understand the Usage Pattern of the Resources, Understand the Availability required for the Company, etc., then evaluate the Down-Time.

Hope I am Informative.

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Guru Prasad R

Re: Network Statistics Standards

Hi Alicia,

I am not sure what kind of industry standard you are talking about as far as WAN utilization is concerned.

However 70% to 75% WAN utilization is something which you should be concerned about.

-> Sushil

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Re: Network Statistics Standards


the previous two responses are both valid. When it comes to bandwidth, if you reach the threshold for your business, this should trigger an investigation about the bandwidth usage - i.e. is it due to more users? worm or virus traffic? Unwanted traffic such as inappropriate web browsing? Undesirable traffic - such as backups running during business hours, that can be scheduled for after hours? etc. And, I think you realize by now, there is no specific standard that we follow just guidelines that vary from busines to business.


Re: Network Statistics Standards

So these are switches which are been monitoried ?

I been using snmp tools to monitor the bandwith for routers and switches.

I have come across clients who connects the fa0/0 to the isp router, they have BW of around 2 MEG.

When you poll these kind of interfaces to the SNMP agent you need to tune the BW or in This case the total BW would be 100 Mbps.

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