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NewBee: Adding a Redundant Sup1A to Online 6509

What would it take to add a second Sup1A to an existing 6509 that is online, and set up redundancy? What commands or additions must be made to the config? What type of downtime if any are we talking?

A note to you kind, smart cisco-ites. I am a newbee so please respond as if I know nothing, because its mostly true. Thank you in advance.


Re: NewBee: Adding a Redundant Sup1A to Online 6509

there should be no downtime to inserting and configuring a secondary Sup1A in your 6509.

(if done properly)

you will have a bit of configuration to perform to get it to be available as a secondary sup.

the configuration required depends on whether it is only for switching or if it includes L3 functionality, aka an MSFC/PFC for intervlan routing/QoS and what CatOS version is used.

please see the following link for more info on configuring supervisor redundancy on a 6500 series switch:

(be sure to put this secondary sup into slot2 of the switch, no other slots)

(this is not necessarily a light topic so if you are not cisco savvy, be prepared to have to read it all, perhaps a few times, and understand the impact of certain configuration types such as dual MSFC)

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