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Newbie,,telnet question

Hi,,,,I have 5 remote sites connected by frame-relay. Router0 is the host and routers 1-5 are the remotes. When I telnet into anyone of the remotes, it opens the session and I get the password login, but after I enter the password to start the session it displays Router0's prompt and configuration. If I type exit it shows it's ending the telnet session. For some reason it appears to login into the session, but I can't actually view the remote router to make config changes.

I'm new to all this so please bear with my questions. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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Re: Newbie,,telnet question

Disregard the question. Most of you probably know what the problem was, and it's too embarrassing to mention. I said I was new to this, and it was a newbie mistake.


Re: Newbie,,telnet question

No question is stupid, You have to ask it to somebody if you dont know. Infact did you use the wrong ip address on the FR sub interface (Use Router0's address rather than the remote's?)

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