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Password Recovery when Break is disabled.

I posted up previously about this issue.

I have a Cisco 2500 router and I'm trying to disable or bypass the password. I've learned that Break is disabled. I've been told you can jumper some pins on the circuit board. Can someone tell me what pins need to be jumpered so I can get to configuration mode?


Re: Password Recovery when Break is disabled.


I don't believe there is way to set/remove jumper on the 2500 platform to do what you want.

In fact, when you disable Break on a platform, itonly disables it when the router is in normal operation. There is no way to actually disable the break function within the first 60 seconds of router reload.

Therefore< I think what is probably happening is that you are not using the correct Break sequence in your terminal emulation program. What software are you using and what break sequence are you using ?

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Re: Password Recovery when Break is disabled.

I found this:


Step 1 Attach a terminal or PC with terminal emulation software to the console port of the router.

Step 2 Enter the show version command and record the setting of the configuration register. It is usually 0x2102 or 0x102.

The configuration register value is on the last line of the display. Note whether the configuration register is set to enable Break or disable Break.

The factory-default configuration register value is 0x2102. Notice that the third digit from the left in this value is 1, which disables Break. If the third digit is not 1, Break is enabled.

Step 3 Turn off the router, then turn it on.

Step 4 Press the Break key on the terminal within 60 seconds of turning on the router.

The rommon> prompt with no router name appears. If it does not appear, the terminal is not sending the correct Break signal. In that case, check the terminal or terminal emulation setup.

Step 5 Enter o/r0x42 at the rommon> prompt to boot from Flash memory or o/r0x41 to boot from the boot ROMs.


Check it out.

You can change the configuration register from configuration mode using the config-register command.

There is a SERVICE command to disable password recovery (as a physical security issue). If this has been set on your router, then you'll need to send it to Cisco for a motherboard swap / fix.

Good Luck


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