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Password recovery

Hi guys,

I have a little situation here, that I'm strugalling for a while with it, maybe someone can help me with:

I have router 2610:

- I am trying to connect to the console port to it, does not work with any baud rate.

- I am connected with the cable from the laptops usb-com-rj45 to the aux port, with 9600 baud rate and suddently I have a password request, I dunno what can I do here as I don't have the username, it's asks first for the username.

- I've connected a computer in the same subnet to the eth port, I can telnet to the router, where I receive again the username login, which I don't know again.

If i reset the router and leave the cable connected to the aux port, I cannot see the boot phase (I dunno if is normal or not), in order to send ctrl+brake and so on.. to recovery password.

- I've opened the chasis and put a jumper to reset the console, to the DUART RESET, no use still can't connect to the console.

- I've measured the voltage on the console port and it seems that there is voltage, so I don't think it is fright(burned).

I dunno what else can I try, maybe there is a way via AUX that I don't know to reset the password, or maybe there is a way to reset it to factory defaults, btw I saw there is another jumper place near the DUART RESET, called just reset, as I read on the internet this is only for factory debuging purpose, it is possible that I can use that somehow?

Hope someone has anyideea because I am a little out of ideeas.

Thank You


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Re: Password recovery


Not sure how much help this will but it may be an issue with your usb cable and sending a break on the console port. Have a look at this recent thread which has a solution for that -


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Re: Password recovery

Thanks Jon,

But unfortunalety either this way doesn't work :(

Do you have any ideea how could I break the pass via aux?

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Re: Password recovery

Unfortunately, there have been several cases where the USB cables can't detect the Ctrl+Break from your keyboard.

You'll have to find a computer/laptop with a working serial port and try it from there or get another USB-to-Serial cable.

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Re: Password recovery


I would suggest try a differnt Laptop/PC and try different baud rates (try 9600, 115200 and 1200 first) while you connect to the console. If you are unable to see the boot process, you can not recover the password from the aux port.



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Re: Password recovery

Thanks guys for all the answers, Here is thou the solution:

1. I took out the NVRAM(circuit) put it in a diffrent router. started the router and then cleared the nvram, normal password recovery via console.

Very important for thouse that might have the same issue, you should put a passowrd on enable, otherwise the aux is of no use, you cannot enter enable mode without a password seted.

2. I removed the integrate circuit that was just after the console port with a new one(this one was starting to be come very hot when you've pluged the router) and now also my console works :)

And the router too

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