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Password REset inSRW208P

Hi All

can some help me i have Linksys SRW208P but during configuration password become entered wrong so now i am un able to access on SRW so some tips through which i can reset the password is it possibel please


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Re: Password REset inSRW208P

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Re: Password REset inSRW208P

Hi Dear

Hi hope will be good and i want to say you thanks not thanks Bundal of thanks i did reset the password this is due to your help and i get relex when i get password so thank you be happy bye


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Re: Password REset inSRW208P

thank you very much!!!

Re: Password REset inSRW208P

Please follow the below steps

Connect the Linksys serial cable that came with the switch between the switch serial port and a nearby computer serial port.  For Windows, use Hyper Terminal or VanDyke CRT/SecureCRT.  For Linux, use minicom.  For other unix types, try cu/tip.

2.) The switch default serial port configuration is set to 38400 baud, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, no flow control.

3.) Confirm that you have a valid serial connection by pressing enter a few times.  You should be prompted with a login screen.

4.) If you have successfully established serial communication with the switch, reboot the switch by disconnecting and then reconnecting it's power cable.

5.) The switch will begin it's POST procedure as displayed in the serial terminal emulator.  Be ready at the keyboard to press the Esc key.

6.) Watch for the following line to appear during the boot sequence.  When you see it, immediately press the Esc key;

"Autoboot in 2 seconds - press RETURN or Esc. to abort and enter prom."

IMPORTANT: Do not hold down the Esc or Enter/Return key during the boot sequence.  Only press the Esc key when prompted.

7.) If you successfully interrupted the boot sequence, you will be prompted with a Startup Menu.  Option number 3 will be the "Password Recovery Procedure".  Select this option.

8.) The terminal will display, "Current password will be ignored!".  Press enter to continue with the boot sequence.

9.) The default account "admin/" will be enabled and you can log into the switch using this account.  From here, you can set new accounts without having lost the switch configuration.

10.) After you have configured new accounts and documented the passwords, reboot the switch and log in normally to confirm that passwords have been recovered successfully.

11.) You are done.  Disconnect and store the serial cable in a safe place for future use.  Be sure to document a login username and password somewhere safe for future reference.
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