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New Member

Planning to deploy a Cisco Catalyst 6509E

We are looking for a UPS that can manage two 3000W power supplies for a Cisco Catalyst 6509E that will power 2 WS-CAC-3000W, 1 WS-C6509-E Fan, 3 WS-X6148A-GE-45AF, and 1 WS-SUP32-GE-3B.

We want to deploy this to one of our facilities on a two post rack, but my colleague and I wanted to know what type of UPS you would recommend before we deploy the device because we will need to know what type of power to have installed for the UPS. Please advise.

I have a link to the power supplies that we will be using. For more details on the power supplies, select 3000W AC-Input Power Supply from this site:

The type of plug that the power supplies will be using is a a Nema 6-20P, UL817. Here's a link to the power cord's manufacturer: <>.

The power supplies will be run in redundant mode.

We are looking for between 30 minutes to 1 hour of runtime.


Re: Planning to deploy a Cisco Catalyst 6509E


you might want to check the link below, it takes you to the APC Online UPS selection tool, where you can specify your requirements. Based upon your criteria, the appropriate UPS will be displayed...

Select your protection needs



New Member

Re: Planning to deploy a Cisco Catalyst 6509E

Since both power supplies equal 6000W, does that mean that I will have to get a UPS that has a max of 6000W?


Re: Planning to deploy a Cisco Catalyst 6509E

i suggest an APC solution. (link in above post)

many backup power features/durations to choose from.

since you have two power supplies you wish to run in redundant mode, you may want to consider making the UPS redundant as well.

one 6509 PS plugs into one UPS and the other into another UPS.

(of course both UPSs would be on their own circuits as well; this is how we have our data centers and it is very reliable)

New Member

Re: Planning to deploy a Cisco Catalyst 6509E

The answer will probably be obvious, but I just want to make sure. Since each power supply has a max of 3000W, will I have to select a UPS that has a max of 3000W or should I select one with more wattage? And if I wish to have both 3000W power supplies run on one UPS, will the max power of 6000W be enough to support the power suppies?


Re: Planning to deploy a Cisco Catalyst 6509E

Kinda defeats the purpose of dual power supplies if you plug both into one UPS.

The UPS will more than likely fail before a power supply will.

You could buy 2 ups or you could just plug one power supply directly into the city power and the other into the UPS. This would elimnate the single point of failure. Since you are using such large circuits each will be on a separate circuit but if you can get them on different power distribution units even better.

New Member

Re: Planning to deploy a Cisco Catalyst 6509E

It makes sense to buy 2 to be redudant. But if we only want to buy one, does that mean we have to purchase a UPS with a total of 6000W or just 3000W. I'm not sure how the power works. Since both will be running, will the total power used be 6000W or will it run at a max of 3000W?

New Member

Re: Planning to deploy a Cisco Catalyst 6509E

That would depend on what mode you are running your power supplies.

If you are running in Combined Mode - both power supplies provide power. However, in this mode, if one power supply fails, you risk the chance that you may not be able to supply power to the whole chassis. In this case you would need a 6000w UPS to support both of the power supplies, as you are treating the 2 power supplies as one unit.

If you are running in Redundant mode, only 1 of the 2 power supplies is providing power to the chassis, with the other is standby. In this case the best practice would be to have the power supplies isolated on separate 3000w UPS's fed from separate power CRT's. The cost difference for 2 x 3000w UPS's vs. 1 x 6000w UPS is marginal. Also, by going with 1 6000w UPS you are creating a single point of failure, such that if the UPS fails your 6509 will go down. With 1 3000w UPS per power supply you eliminate a single point of failure and you can perform maintenance on the UPS's with out a service interruption on the 6509.

Hope my 2 cents helps you out.

Greg P

New Member

Re: Planning to deploy a Cisco Catalyst 6509E

try this link - which would give u a UPS as per ur requirement