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Portal for guest users.

Hi all,

we' v bought a new AP 1250AG and we would like to connect guest users to our network.

Idea is to create one WiFi SSID for those guest users and give them rights. But this is the question.

Is it possible to create something like portal for those guest users so they can access only resources we approve, for example server xy, server yz, internet?

Any idea?




Re: Portal for guest users.

Not the most elegant solution but I just use an ACL (I only allow internet). There is not webUI for them, it just blocks/allows where they can go. If you need a portal, I would only allow internet acess, then have them SSLVPN to access inside resources.

Hope that helps.


Re: Portal for guest users.

you can use cisco acs with 802.1x

so for any usrname you can apply ACL


Re: Portal for guest users.

This idea will take a little bit of work but is something that can do exactly what you are looking for.

Create a VLAN specific for Guest access.

Then build an ACL to restrict the Guest Access.

Configure SSID and set that ID up on the Guest VLAN.

Then anytime you need to change access you make the change to the ACL.

You could also go as far as set up a Radius authentication and give login for specific users too, but that takes a bit more work.

Cisco Employee

Re: Portal for guest users.

Hi GG,

If your 1250 is a lightweight AP, you could have a look at the WLC2100 series controller and setup guest access through that. Although it might be a bit of overkill if you only have the one AP.



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