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New Member

Ports on ASIC

Hi all,

i did this command on switch

sh int fa 3/37 capabilities


Model: WS-X6148-RJ-21

Type: 10/100BaseTX

Speed: 10,100,auto

Duplex: half,full

Trunk encap. type: 802.1Q,ISL

Trunk mode: on,off,desirable,nonegotiate

Channel: yes

Broadcast suppression: percentage(0-100)

Flowcontrol: rx-(off,on),tx-(none)

Membership: static

Fast Start: yes

QOS scheduling: rx-(1q4t), tx-(2q2t)

CoS rewrite: yes

ToS rewrite: yes

Inline power: no

SPAN: source/destination

UDLD yes

Link Debounce: yes

Link Debounce Time: no

Ports on ASIC: 37-48

can anyone explain me what does this mean Ports on ASIC: 37-48 ??

Many thanks

New Member

Re: Ports on ASIC

Also i want to know how much buffer sixe this port has?

New Member

Re: Ports on ASIC

also i want to know what does this coomad


sh asic-version slot 3

Module in slot 3 has 2 type(s) of ASICs

ASIC Name Count Version

COIL 4 (2.0)

PINNACLE 1 (4.2)

Re: Ports on ASIC

This command tells you the type of the ASIC on the line card.

the line card installe on slot 3 has two type of asics - COIL and PINNACLE.

"Line cards in the 6000 series utilize two port ASICs: the COIL ASIC and the PINNACLE ASIC. COIL ASICs are found on 10/100 ethernet boards and perform the function of buffering, QOS, and congestion management on a per-port basis. Each COIL ASIC supports 12 10/100 ports and provides 128k of buffer per port. The PINNACLE ASIC performs the same functions as the COIL, only for gigabit ethernet ports. The PINNACLE handles four gigabit ports on gigabit line cards, or in the case of 10/100 line cards, four COIL ASICs. PINNACLE provides for 512k buffering per port and puts frames onto the backplane. From the analogy above, PINNACLE is one of the "houses" in the town."

From ->

-> Sushil

New Member

Re: Ports on ASIC

Hi sushil

thanks for great reply

so that module 3 has 48 ports.

so Pinaccle 4 means it has how many ports?

also i want to know?

so Pinnacle is also Asic and my understanding is that ASIC is hardware chip on Line cards right?

Pinnacle is also hardware chip that connects

Linecard to system bus?

i have seen few switches where there s is no Pinnacle when u do sh asic slot command why it is like that ?so these switch how they connect to system bus then without pinnacle?

many thanks

Re: Ports on ASIC

Hi Mahesh,

what this means is that the ASIC which is serving interface 37 is also serving other interfaces which are 38-48 in addition to 37.

If you observe this ASIC is serving 12 interfaces. hence you would have total 4 ASICs on the line card serving all 48 interfaces.

-> Sushil

New Member

Re: Ports on ASIC

Hi sushil

thanks for great reply

also what does count mean ??? next to coil

and Pinnacle ASIC?

does it mean number of ports?

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