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Proper setup for RV220W

I'm currently trying to set up a Cisco RV220W router on our company's network to act as a network router and firewall, but I'm a little bit stuck.

The topology I want to achieve is as follows:

[WAN] --> [VDSL modem from ISP] --> [Cisco RV220W] --> [LAN]

Our LAN should have 2 VLANs; one for our servers and clients belonging to the company (servers are on public IPs, while clients have LAN IPs), and one for guest users (visitors and other outsiders who are given Internet access from us).

Our current network setup works just fine, using a bridged firewall server between the VDSL modem and the network switch (where all the other servers are connected), and internal users are routed through either a WLAN router or another server. The RV220W will replace the WLAN router as well as the routing and firewall servers, combining these tasks into one.

The target network setup would have three "zones";

the servers (using IPs 213.x.x.0/26, static assignments, no DHCP), local LAN for employees (cable, WLAN or VPN with PPTP - using IPs 192.168.15.x/24 assigned by DHCP, compatible with the existing setup), and local LAN for visitors/guests (WLAN only, using IPs 192.168.0.x/24 assigned by DHCP).

From the RV220W's admin interface itself, I'm able to ping outside IP addresses, but neither the test server on the public IP or the test client on the local IP seems to be able to ping the outside, or eachother (ie. from the client's local IP to the server's public IP).

The Rv220W is already in router mode (ie. not in NAT mode), and the LAN ports are properly tagged for each network segment.

What could I be doing wrong? Or, what would be the proper way to set this up?

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Proper setup for RV220W

Wrong forum, try "small business - routers".

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Proper setup for RV220W

Thanks, I'll try there instead.

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