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QoS - sh qos statistics aggregate cmd output


I have Policer rate = erate 128Kbps. The active for both rate & erate is policed-dscp (NOT drop) .

I generate 160Kbps and get,

Allowed rate = 152Kbps

Traffic exceeding excess rate = 27Kbps

Why is Allowed over 128K ?

If I change policed-dscp to Drop for rate & erate would Allowed rate peak at 128?

Regards, MH


Re: QoS - sh qos statistics aggregate cmd output

It is most likely related to bursting. You would need to send the traffic over a long period of time and see if the numbers look better. Even then you will see things like this because of the way the calculation is done.

When you say you send at 160kbps how do you do that. If your interface is 100m ethernet you are sending at 100mb/s. The interface cannot really send any slower. To take a simpler example say you are tranmitting 10mbps on a 100m interface. There are a number of ways to do this. I could transfer the complete 10m in 1/10 of a second and do nothing for the other 9/10. I could also transmit 1m wait 9/100 of a second and transmit 1m more doing this 10 times each second. Either way you are only transmitting 10m in a second but your burst rate is very different

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Re: QoS - sh qos statistics aggregate cmd output

I'm sending 160Kbps from an Agilent N2X traffic generator into a 1G port.

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