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Rack layout

I just recently have been given the task of network management. My first goal (outside of learning how to run a network) is to inventory and organize the wiring closets. My question is: what is the best or most common way to organize patch panels and access-level switches in a rack? To reduce the amount of cable needed or used I wanted to place panels right above the switches they are directly connected to. Maybe two patch panels over two or three switches followed by two more patch panel over two or three more switches. I have also seen the patch panels mounted in a rack directly to the side of the rack and switches they are connected to. All ideas and thoughts would be appreciated.


Re: Rack layout

Hi Kelly,

This is purely down to what works for you and your environment.

Typically you would want to keep your cabling as short as possible and neatly organized in the rack.

I also personally use color coded wires for different speeds or locations, again this all depends on your environment.

USE the cable management arms that came with your servers. Make sure you properly put Power leads and Network lines in there and properly tied. Makes pulling the servers out of the Rack much easier.




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Re: Rack layout

"All ideas and thoughts would be appreciated."

You might also want to keep in mind whether you might, in the future, have stackable switches, e.g. 3750s, or a chassis. I.e. Possible reason to have a block of space where patch panels don't intermingle with separate switches.

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