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Recover 831

A consultant screwed up when in ROMMON. Now all I get when connected to the console port is garbage characters on the screen. How can I get back into ROMMON? I have tried:

But I still can't get break the boot up.

Any help would be appreciated.


Re: Recover 831


Did did u try changing the baud rate on the console while following the password break sequence ?

There are various baud rates available which you can try out to get into the rommon mode..

Getting garbage characters insists that baud rate mismatch.So try with various options and revert back..


Re: Recover 831

Hi Ian,

I completely agree with Edwin here, if you see garbage / Junk characters on the console then it means that atleast the console port is good, only the baud rate of Hyperterminal and Speed of console port is not matching to each other.

So you would have to try different baud rates in Hyperterminal software starting from the highest and see what speed is the console port set to.

Once you have the access of the router, you can change the console speed by going to config mode and issuing the following commands:

Router(config)#line console0

Router(config)#speed 9600

After that your hyperterminal session would freeze, so you would have to open a new session with 9600 (default) baud rate

Hope it helps


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