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rip v2 advertisements

If I have a router advertiseing the network running rip v1 and another router running rip v2 with the no auto summary command configured, and also advertising the same network , what will the difference be in the routing table ?

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Re: rip v2 advertisements

rip version 1 is a classfull protocol, automaticaly summary at boundary and it doesn't advertise subnet mask in rounting exchange.

rip version 2 is classless protocol, automaticaly summarise at classful boundary, if your disable autosummary; it 'll advertise a subnet at classfull boundary.

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Re: rip v2 advertisements

Would this to be neighbouring routers or only when it goes through a router on a different subnet ? Also does rip send updates to only its neighbours on the same subnet, whereas eigrp sends them to all known routers in its table ?

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Re: rip v2 advertisements

rip v1 use broadcast to exchange routing information with its neighbors

rip v2 use muticast to exchange routing information with its neighbor

with rip network command is to put a particular network on rip database. router Rip have :

- neighbor table

- routing table

Eigrp use multicast to exchange routing information. Eigrp router have 3 tables:

-topology table

-neighbor table

-routing table

for 2 eigrp router can be neighbor if :

- AS is match

- metric is match

-send hello on interface to which neighboring 'll be negociated

Eigrp router send network learn by eigrp to its neighbor, not to all know router.

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