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Router and Connection

Try to do the web hosting. The Web Server will host about 10 web applications for the public access (from several hundreds to a couple of thousands people to concurrently access). This server will be located in a Server-Hosting-Company which will use T1/T3 line to connect with the Internet. My web server will be placed in the hosting company's server room (This means that the hosting company will take care of the internet connection, while my server in turn will connect to the company's LAN system). . Now my questions are:

1) I would like to have a router to act as a firewall, switch, VPN, and to support the DMZ. There is only the data pass though (no sound and vedio is required)

Of course, the faster, the better. But I would also take the budget into the consideration, so the router should resasonably get the job down, but not be over spended on. Which Cisco routers fits better: 1801 or 2801, or else?

2) This router will not connect to a DSL or T1 or T3, instead, it will directly plug into the server room's LAN system, can I hook it up using the router's Ethernet port?

3) To connect a web cache machine in the DMZ to the router, can I connect the Web Cache machine to the router's Ethernet port? Or, is there a port SPECIALLy for the DMZ to make the connection?

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Re: Router and Connection


would suggest to check out the data sheet for the pps processed by different models so that you can come to some conclusion based on that.

Also the support for some Encryption module if you need them to be fixed on the boxes.

Again i am not sure about what you are mentioning as DMZ over here ,that is very well possible with PIX firewall .are you pointing something inline with CBAC over here ?

Also the connectivity to the router to switch depends if u forsee the increase in the access you better can check out for Gigabit connectivity too between ur router and switches.

also for the datasheets do refer these links ..


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