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Router to Pix to Switch

Hello all I just achieved my CCNA last weekend, now i'm trying to redo my home network. I currently have 2610XM router that will be routing my internet connection. I have two ethernet ports, one will be bridged from the ADSL modem, to the eth 0/1 interface, and LAN from Eth 1/0. I want to use my Firewall that I have for security as well. I know access-lists in a router are a form of security, but most i'm trying to set my lab up just like a production network in a company Router-->PIX--->Switch. My theory is this, if when I configure the devices will I'm thinking the static ip will be given to me by Bellsouth's servers, and I wouldn't do any ip configuration there, but on the eth 1/0 interface I would set a static IP there, and connect that to the PIX's eth0.

Once I have that configured i'll set a static address on the Ethernet 1 interface as well. Now would I be configing or double NAT or only one NAT rule for this setup?


Re: Router to Pix to Switch

Congrats on the CCNA.

You say home network in one line and lab in another. Just my opinion but I like to keep them seperated as much as possible. Especially if you're wife is tougher than you and beats you up everytime you bring the network.

Either way what you are describing sounds fine and is just one of many different ways you could do it.

For example you could flip the script and connect the firewall to the ISP. Other options would be ISP---Switch---FW---Router or ISP---Switch---FWandRouter


Re: Router to Pix to Switch

In your set-up you would not be doing double nat

You are natting from the router to the firewall and then natting from the firewall to the internal network.

I would only do the nat on the firewall and leave all security on the firewall and only the routing on the router. Oh yeah, make sure you use a password and/or restrict telnet to the router but that is all I would do. I would do all acl, and natting on the firewall.

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Re: Router to Pix to Switch

So on Ethernet 1/0 on the router I need to IP nat inside and on the PIX i don't do any nat commands at all?

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