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switch migration planning help needed


I currently have an active project on migrating one of my IDF's to another subnet, due to the need for more address space. I just came in to this position and I need some guidance. Can you direct me to what information I need to collect in order to make this migration happen? The environment consist of windows servers (DNS, DHCP, WINS, DC) 1 main router (cisco) for the plant, and 7 cisco switches. If this is posted in the wrong forum I apologize. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: switch migration planning help needed


I would say it depends on when you want to migrate the users to the new subnet. If you do it after hours/offline, you can simply change the DHCP scopes, DC server addresses etc., and make the change transparent to the users. If that is not an option, and if there are (too) many users, you could think about secondary addressing on the router interfaces, as well as on the DC. You would need to create a new DHCP scope for the new subnet. As an alternative, you could also configure the router itself as a DHCP server...

Just some thoughts, let me know if you need more specific help.



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Re: switch migration planning help needed

thx for the info..when i have more config info on the switches i will repost with specifics

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Re: switch migration planning help needed


Have you drawn out your current network yet?

I find that a good set of network maps is the best first step.

Once you have the current maps drawn, draw up a logical diagram of how the network change will look.

Then have a play around with how the clients will speak to the servers. good luck :)

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Re: switch migration planning help needed

i will make another post when i get access to the switches and routers...waiting on passwords...thx for all your posts.

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