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Telnet issues

I have a switch that when I telnet to it I have a lot of typing latency. The other switches on this subnet I don't have a problem.

I've check the processes on it but thats ok as well.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Re: Telnet issues

Such a short post deserves a short answer:

We will need more input.

Please check for what's different on this switch. How is it attached to the network? Is it accessed on the same vlan as all other switches? Is the hardware platform identical? Is it running on the same software version as the rest?



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Re: Telnet issues

There is not a lot of differentences on the switch with the telnet problem. It is a 3550-12G and its attached to the network via fiber.(1000)

It is accessed on the same vlan as the other switches. Its not identical to the other switches we have a variety of switches. 2900 to 3500s on this vlan. It is running the same version as some that I did have a problem with.

Sorry for the short question but I didn't really know what to ask. Thanks for the help.

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Re: Telnet issues


just a thought, but you might want to check which SDM (Switch Management Database) is configured (with the command ´show sdm prefer´), and if that might be different from your other switches.

Also, just rebooting the switch might help, what is the uptime (´show version´ will tell you the uptime) ?



Re: Telnet issues

No problem, I was aiming to make you think of possible issues. I understand that in your view, the IOS version might be a possible cause? In that case, I would consider an IOS uograde.

Is this switch running HSRP? Instead of connecting to a physical interface, you could try to configure a loopback interface and telnet to that.

int lo0

ip addr ....





Re: Telnet issues

Is there an issue just from a certain path, or from any other device on the LAN / Network?

Is this strictly through a switched network,or are there routers in the path?

Is it possible that the traffic is not taking the path you think it is? For example, a mask issue where the traffic is actually being routed out through the Internet, into another gateway, then onto your network (this happens with some cable broadband - different addresses / masks send "local" traffic out to the provider's router & back).

Try a traceroute; verify the path .... even if it's on the same LAN / segment.

Check the duplex of the connection. If you have a duplex mismatch for that link, the collision & re-transmission would give the appearance of extra latency (i.e., try hard setting the speed duplex at each end).

That's probably a good start .... ceck it out & let us know.

Good Luck



Re: Telnet issues

Check your uplinks that feed this switch for any kind of errors and or any speed/duplex mismatch.

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