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Terminal > Cisco 3620 > Senao AP

An owner of a campsite has asked me to help setting up a (paid) wireless network around the site.

A friend of mine told me that I could use a Cisco 3620 connected to good wireless router to realise this.

He is quite good at programming routers, so he would be able to write a program for the Cisco 3620.

This is the original idea:

-customers buy a limited time ticket for the use of the Wifi. They get a code which is connected to user-info, so that the right MAC-adresses can be logged to the right person. (this is necessary in the Netherlands).

The internet itself will also be routed to the Cisco, coming from a regular DSL-modem/router combination.

The terminal (a small PC), running 24/7 is connected to the Cisco 3620. We can use a program on this terminal to enter new 'users' and so on.

The Senao Acces Point is connected to the Cisco 3620 router. One acces point should be enough, because the campsite has just a few obstacles and is quite small.

Anyway: my question is. How would I connect this? The 3620 I have laying around here has the following ports:


2x RJ45 (1x CON, 1X AUX)


1X: Fast eth1

1X: Fast eth0

1X: 10/100 BaseTX. (module: 1FE-TX)

I have no clue about how I would connect the terminal and the AP to this router. Of course, I understand that this depends on the program that will be running on the router, but I'm still hoping that anyone out here can help me out a little bit.

Thanks in advance,


If any more information is needed, feel free to ask.

Cisco Employee

Re: Terminal > Cisco 3620 > Senao AP

The AP and the terminal PC should both connect to their own ethernet interfaces on the 3620 (whichever ones you want). Each interface will be in its own subnet. The IP on the interface connected to the PC will be your management subnet, and the AP interface will be your user subnet.

Depending on how your program will work, you may want to consider tightening access restrictions to the 3620 so that only addresses (or the one PC address) from the management subnet can connect. For example, apply access-lists to your VTY lines and SNMP credentials to limit access. For example, assume your PC has address You would want to do things like:

access-list 1 permit ip

snmp-server community notpublic RO 1

snmp-server community notprivate RW 1


line vty 0 4

access-class 1 in

For maintenance purposes, you would probably also want the PC to have console access to the router, so you should connect the CON (console) port of the 3620 to one of the COM ports on the PC using a rollover cable. The default console settings on the router are 9600 baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity. This port would only be used for things like software upgrades, or emergency maintenance. It would be far easier to have your problem interact with the router over IP.

Finally, your friend might be interested in exploring the Embedded Event Manager on IOS. EEM provides a programming interface which runs directly on IOS, and allows for event-driven programming via simple config-based applets or Tcl scripts. See for more details.

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